Wednesday Listening Volume 2

30 Oct 18 05:38 EDT

Yeah, it’s a day early but tomorrow is Halloween.

Samantha Fish - I Put a Spell On You

Samantha has a sweet soulful sound, and this version comes close to being as good as the CCR version (minus the bad background noise of course).


ZZ Top - Just Got Paid

One of my all time best riffs for blues rock.


Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

The first music video I ever remember seeing that was (nearly) fully CGI, and to my knowledge is the first one. Has language that you can’t get away with today.


Freddie King - Goin Down

Freddie King is underrated in many respects, primarily his bluesy voice.


Call of the Wild - Autobahn

Half punk, half metal, all awesome. The bass line is awesome.