Wednesday Listening Volume 9

19 Dec 18 09:32 EST

Wednesday Listening Volume 9: Yer Not From Around Here Are Ya Edition

Imported goods. I try to link to the official channels for bands but some of them do not have one.

Black Elephant - Cosmic Soul

This is a full album and the first track of their 2018 album Cosmic Blues. Great stuff coming from Italy.


Spaceslug - Supermassive

Coming out of Wroclaw, Poland.


The Devil and the Almighty Blues - When The Light Dies

From Oslo, Norway. Awesome grungy sound.


Mother Engine - Weltraumwolf

Tracks on this album hit around eight minutes each. Awesome jams. From Germany.


Sun of Man - Dancing With My Eyes

Hypnotic and enchanting. Sun of Man hails from Australia. Internet theorists think it’s a one man band. Doesn’t matter though - it’s awesome.